Watch Timeflies' Skater-Themed 'All The Way' Lyric Video To Rev You Up Until The Official Video Drops

Watch Timeflies' 'All The Way' video

CAN WE DATE YOU GUYS?! Either one. Or both! 

First, can we just say that Timeflies' new record is maybe the catchiest pop jam we've heard in a hot minute? Think Capital Cities meets Zedd meets Cash Cash! Plus like, every other great pop song you've heard this month. We're talking soaring synths, sugary sweet pop production, and lyrics which basically divulge that when the singers love, they love HARD. (Did we mention we're single?!)

Oh, where were we? So while we have to wait a bit for the official video, (though it's in the works, according to Timeflies' very recent Tweet), the Artists To Watch have provided a lyric video to tide us over. In the clip, as the uplifting lyrics to bros' new jam flashes on the screen, we see a profesh sk8terboi boldly skating down a windy road. And like, the dude is AN EXPERT, slaying turns and getting really low to the ground. Whatevs, just be careful!

It's definitely the perfect way to rev us up for the official video, which, hopefully features Cal and Rez's adorable punims, as well as some chick that looks like us -- tall and brunette -- just so we can make the fantasizing procees even easier for ourselves.

+ Watch Timeflies' "All The Way" lyric video

Photo credit: Island Def Jam