The World Is A Little Better Now That You Can FINALLY Listen To BROODS' Self-Titled EP

Listen to BROODS' self-titled EP! It's a total synth-pop masterpiece

Time to be obsessed with BROODS' new album! 

BROODS‘ debut single, “Bridges,” has been on repeat in our world ever since it dropped. We had a full Stan blackout and only just BARELY managed to use our words to tell you about it. Now, the New Zealand synth-pop brother-sister duo Caleb and Georgia Nott has unleashed their (debut!) self-titled EP, and we're already deeming it one of the most-anticipated and presumably best albums of 2014.

Oh, and once again, WE CAN BARELY SPEAK it's so full of lush, synth-pop gems that we can already see soundtracking our winter-to-spring makeouts. (Related: Who's gonna be our winter-to-spring makeout buddy?!)

In addition to the super ethereal "Bridges," BROODS' debut disc includes other stunning tracks like "Pretty Thing," which is their opus, resplendent with the most on-point, Imogen Heap-esque harmonies we've ever heard. And then there are more pensive tracks like "Taking You There." In fact, we highly recommend you play this soothing jam during your morning meditation session. Unless you're like us, the "roll outta bed, throw on leggings, and jet" people. Regardless, BROODs self-titled EP is on repeat. Forever. Until their next album drops.

+ Listen to BROODS' self-titled EP

Photo credit: Capitol Records