Selena Gomez Finds Inner Peace, And We'll Have Whatever She's Having!

Selena Gomez takes a moment to meditate and find inner peace!

You realign that chi, sister! 

We can't imagine the amount of pressure Selena Gomez is under. "What single do I release next?" "What outfit do I wear to this red carpet event?" "What under-eye concealer will be most effective as the paparazzi swarm me during my coffee run?!" "Will I see Justin Bieber today or tomorrow?!" Honestly, THE PRESSURE.

So we were thrilled when we saw this photo of Sel taking some time out from her stressful life to “Slow Down” (get it?!) and find her zen -- in a plaid shirt, no less. Namaste, gal!

Selena shared her peaceful moment on Instagram but didn't include a caption. Which, upon further reflection, is probably code for, "MY MIND IS STILL! No caption needed, b*****s!" Or something?

Either way, we're glad Selena taking some time for herself. That said, let us know if you want a meditation partner, Sel. We've been told our aura is VERY calming!!!

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram