Kevin And Danielle Jonas’ Baby Photo Is As Perfect As You’d Imagine

Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ baby photo is an adorbz overload!

Oh, well isn't THAT PRECIOUS?

Last night, while most of us were chowing down on beer and wings, watching Bruno Mars slay the Super Bowl Halftime Show (there might've been a football game happening, too? IDK, we're just here for food and music), the Jonas Brothers' family was parked at a hospital. Why? ONLY BECAUSE Kevin and Danielle Jonas became first-time parents! All the Mazels on the birth of your baby girl, Alena Rose Jonas, Kev and Dani!!!

And as you probably predicted because, well, JONAS FAMILY BONE STRUCTURE, Alena Rose is literally as effing cute as you would've expected! Let's not forget to mention her mom Dani, who, even after having birthed a live person out of her womb (sorry, too much?), still managed to look stunning and find a second to throw on some makeup (we see that eyeliner, girl!).

Seriously, though, couldn't be happier for Papa Kev, Mama Dani, and the luckiest little chickadee around!

Also, would it be weird for you, Alena, to say you have super-sexy uncles? And that all your future pals will probably think your uncles are UILFs? Probably. Too soon. Sorry! Whatevs, welcome to the world!

Photo credit: Dreft via Instagram