Allen Stone's 'Million' Is A Lovely Reminder That There's Still Some Perfect Left In The World

Allen Stone: the man who sounds like 10,000 goespel choirs 

By now, it should come as no surprise that our obsession with Allen Stone runs MAD DEEP 'round these parts. We buzzed about him way back in 2011 (well, AREN'T WE IN THE KNOW??), and if you want the truth, we listen to him, like, at least twice a day. Every day. Just ask our neighbors.

Now, with a brand-new major label deal with Capitol Records under his belt, the "Figure It Out" singer is back with a live recording of his new song "Million," which serves as a taste of Stone's upcoming debut. And like, do we even have to spell out that this record is perfection? THE END. Nobody else should try to sing, ever. (JK, obviously, but you know.)

Along with the help of Swedish musician Magnus Tingsek, Allen recorded this live take of "Million" from his cozy cabin, in his hometown, Chewelah, Wash. Translation: This soulful opus was recorded IN THE DAMN WOODS.

Armed with only his powerful pipes and electric guitar with Tingsek on backing vocals and percussion, Allen lets his vocal prowess and thoughtful lyrical abilities soar. He sings: "Hidden behind all the time that we keep/ Years, months, weeks/ I gotta find the right mindset for me/ 'Cause time ain't free."

If we're being honest, Allen could sing literally anything, and we'd be on the floor, expiring from pure joy. It's honestly just a perk that his songs are hooky, and his lyrics are beautiful, thoughtful, and moving. (Did we mention we LOVE him?)

Be on the lookout for Allen's major label debut when it drops this summer. If you'll excuse us, we'll just be over here practicing the top-line harmony for "Million" in the hopes that we can fill in for Tingsek the next time he gets the flu. JK, but... not really.

+ Watch Allen Stone perform "Million" live.

Photo credit: Capitol Records