Austin Mahone Throws A Wild '70s-Themed Rager In His 'MMM Yeah' Lyric Video

Watch Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" lyric video featuring Pitbull.

Austin time-travels back to the era of "Solid Gold" for his new lyric video.

Dammmmn, it sure smells like the '70s up in here, and no, we're not just hosting a "Saturday Night Fever" marathon in our basement. (This time.) Rather, we're laying our peepers on Austin Mahone's totally throwback-themed lyric video for "MMM Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

In the clip, Austin's done up in full disco-ready garb, complete with bellbottoms and a basically unbuttoned wide-lapel shirt. (We're all about this blond afro wig, FYI.) Beyond just looks, bro totally slays his '70s-inspired choreography as the lyrics flash by onscreen.

Eventually, Austin's equally disco-fied pals start an old-school, "Soul Train"-style dance line, down which Austin spends the rest of the video boogie-oogie-oogying till he just can't boogie no more.

So like, were we expecting the visuals for "MMM Yeah" -- a song about Austin feeling tongue-tied in front of a hot babe -- to be paired with such silly retro visuals?! Nope. But, have fulfilled our lifelong dream of seeing Austin Mahone doing the hustle in a blond wig? Why yes, YES WE HAVE. Life's a give-and-take, people.

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Photo credit: Chase/Cash Money