Ummm, Is That A Rattail We Spy Poking Out Of Demi Lovato's Pink Hair?!

Demi Lovato's neon pink rattail? Um, we're fans we guess.

Demi's possible pink rattail is actually pretty cute, non?

In case you hadn't noticed, Demi Lovato loves herself a good box of hair dye!!!! JK, girl is probably going to a top stylist every time she changes up her follicular hue. (It seems like only yesterday it was a bold shade of electric neon blue, right?) We assume this new neon pink hair is no exception.

But somehow, Demi's new hue is not even the most important part of this photo! NAY, in fact! Do yourself a favor, and look closely at Demi's cotton candy locks because... IS THAT A NEON PINK RATTAIL POKING OUT? Why yes, WE THINK IT IS.

Obviously, the "Neon Lights" singer's "Rattail Lite" situation begs the question: Is Demi doing her part to bring the rattail back? You know, make it "a thing"? It's like, we're obviously on board with pink hair -- even glitter-strewn gold hair! -- but a rattail?! That seems questionable.

Then again, when said rattail is attached to a lady who looks like the ancient Greek goddess of perfect bikini bodies,  we're kiiiiinda more inclined accept it and move on. There are more important things to focus on! For example: DEMI'S GREEK GODDESS-LEVEL BEACH BOD FLAWLESSNESS!

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram