We Hope Tegan & Sara's 'Don't Find Another Love' Soundtracks A SERIOUS Makeout Scene In 'Endless Love'

Listen to Tegan and Sara's "Don't Find Another Love" from the "Endless Love" soundtrack.

Tegan & Sara's "Endless Love" contribution is beautiful. 

Don't even pretend that those hot trailers featuring Alex Pettyfer making out with Gabriella Wilde haven't gotten you super revved for "Endless Love." I mean, the flick's about a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by their parents trying to keep them apart. Hawt.

Now, here's another reason to watch: You get to listen to Tegan & Sara's new song "Don't Find Another Love," their contribution to the movie's soundtrack.

While the indie-pop twins' track boasts an organic vibe, it's also drenched in expert production. As the mid-tempo tune builds, the women's voices blend perfectly in two-part harmony as they sing: "Please don't find another love/ When I'm away/ Now our signal's breaking up/ A satellite is not enough/ Please don't find another love/ When I'm away."

It's a lovely song that will surely enhance any scene it soundtracks. That said, we miiiight not be able to pay full attention to the jam if it's playing during a hot makeout scene in "Endless Love." (Have you SEEN Alex's bone structure?! #BLESSED) With any luck, "Don't Find Another Love" will come on during a "poignant goodbye" scene. That way we'll be able to listen very attentively.

+ Listen to Tegan & Sara's "Don't Find Another Love."

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Records