Listen To Emily King's 'Distance,' Then Prepare To Fall Eternally In Love With Her

Get to know one of our favorite up-and-coming soul singers, Emily King, and listen to her utterly GORG new song, "Distance."

Ready to be obsessed with Emily King? GOOD.

There's not much to say about Emily King other than this: If she's not your new favorite singer after 10 seconds of listening to her new song, "Distance," then there must be something wrong with your ears. And your brain. AND YOUR HEART. Did we mention your ears?

You might recognize Emily's name from back in the day when she was signed to Clive Davis. Fast forward to now, and Emily's a free agent again. (ATTN: ALL RECORD LABELS.) But, even with no major label behind her, moving songs like "Georgia", "Ordinary Heart," and "No More Room" have managed to score Emily opening act gigs for the likes of Maroon 5 and Emeli Sandé.

Oh, and if you're interested in seeing her live, you'd probably have to buy tickets, like, months in advance, because this lady's got a massive fan base that keeps her shows sold the eff out. Just a heads-up!

And now, for the most important Emily announcement -- she's got a brand new song called "Distance." Team King sneakily dropped the song late last night, and well, WE'RE HERE TO PUT IT ON BLAST.

Flanked by her signature organic R&B-folk vibes, Emily's crystal clear, buttery pipes (we're talking full-fat butter here) anchor the ballad as she beautifully croons: "Distance makes the.../ It makes the leaves on the trees fall/ Makes the hours in the day long/ Makes me wanna clear my head/ Find a little cafe and write the words to a song."

While we're always here for heavily produced pop, Emily's pure and untouched vocals are a welcome change. Oh, and off-topic but important: you probably shouldn't listen to "Distance" if you don't have someone to make out with directly afterward. This sh** is baby-making music. Enjoy!

+ Listen to Emily King's "Distance," and download it for free.

Photo credit: J. Shotti