Prepare To Ugly-Cry While Listening To We Are The In Crowd's New Song, 'Windows In Heaven'

Listen to We Are The In Crowd's super beautiful, super sad new record, "Windows In Heaven."

Thanks for writing the prettiest, saddest song ever, We Are The In Crowd!

In case the #sadz title didn't give it away, We Are The In Crowd's new song, "Windows In Heaven," is DEFS gonna make you cry black mascara-filled RIVERS of tears before dinnertime. Which, in case it comes as a surprise, is RUDE. SO, SO RUDE.

Laced with some grimy yet rooted-in-pop production, "Windows In Heaven" legit sounds like that Katy Perry deep cut you totally forgot about, but then years later were like: "OMFG! This song is perfect."

At the top of the track, lead vocalist Taylor Jardine -- one of our 15 Fresh Female Faces Who Will Rule Pop In 2014 -- sadly croons about a lost loved one. As the hook kicks in and the drums surge, Taylor asks: "If you could see me now/ Would you be pleased and proud/ I'm doing fine/ But sometimes I cry/ When I see your face/ Are there windows in heaven to see me now/ Through all the sky and clouds."

Could that be any more beautiful and sad?! We... We can't. (#uglycry) It's definitely a more melancholy vibe than expected for the pop-rockers, but it's beautiful and poignant and we're fully on board.

Vaguely related: How long do we think it will take the internetz to provide us with a remix of "Windows In Heaven" and Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's signature sad duet,"One Sweet Day?" Someone hit us up when that fruitful music bounty is available, plz!

+ Listen to We Are The In Crowd's "Windows In Heaven."

Photo credit: Hopeless Records