The ONLY GIF From Hunter Hayes' Grammy Performance That Matters!

Relive Hunter Hayes' 2014 Grammy Performance of "Invisible" through the ONLY performance GIFs that matter!

Hunter Hayes took the 2014 Grammy stage by storm when he debuted his brand-new song, "Invisible," and... Well, let's just say that THERE WAS A VERY SPECIAL MOMENT THAT TOOK PLACE.

Like what, you might be asking?! Oh, just when Hunter took a very brief pause from slaying teen (and a couple mom) hearts everywhere with his subtle country croon for a sec to -- wait for it -- PRAY! Like, hands clasped together, full-on #NAMASTE prayer action!

An unexpected bit of choreography at the Grammys? YEP! Then again, if we sounded as stellar as Hunter, we might take a second to thank the heavens for the bounty that was our voice, too.

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform "Invisible" live at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: MTV