Video Premiere: Watch Kaskade And Project 46's Epically Cinematic 'Last Chance' Video

Watch Kaskade's epically cinematic "Last Chance" video featuring Project 46.

In case you're not clear, this clip is STUNNING.

Quick #protip: If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with Kaskade's "Last Chance," with Project 46 (aka Canadian duo Thomas Shaw and Ryan Henderson), then correct that IMMEDIATELY by watching the track's poignantly beautiful new video. And then, send us some gluten-free cupcakes as thanks for the tip.

In the Grammy-nominated DJ's clip, we see a mysterious girl dressed in white. As she slowly descends into a lake, we hurdle through a flashback montage full of romance, friendship, and adventure. (Warning: Your heart will beat faster than it did at the end of "Carrie.") Then, she valiantly breaks through the lake's surface and takes her first breath! #PRAISE

It's a very cinematic clip, with visuals that pair exceptionally well with the song's escalating dance vibe.

That said, we suggest you probably skip the prolonged dip in the lake, and just jam out to this tune indoors with some pals and a bowl of gluten-free tortilla chips. Maybe bring along an in-home strobe light. If you're feeling adventurous.

+ Listen to Kaskade and Project 46's "Last Chance" video.

Photo credit: Ultra Music