Floppit The Adorable Orange Cat Convincingly Lip-Synchs To R. Kelly

Floppit the adorable orange cat lip synchs to R. Kelly's "I'm A Flirt."

Floppit? More like SLAY-it.

Do you ever wake up to the sound of existential ennui slowly finger-tapping your soul and wonder: Why aren't there more adorable Instagram videos of cats lip-synching R&B songs on the internet to lift my spirits? Well today, YOUR PRAYER HAS BEEN ANSWERED. In the immortal words of the Scissor Sisters, let's have a kiki.

Presenting Floppit the Cat, moving his lips to R. Kelly's classic 2007 jam, "I'm A Flirt (Remix)." Wait, do cats have lips? Who cares! We're too hung up on three costume changes. What is this, a Grammy Awards rehearsal?

The only thing that could fill our souls with more helium (cue "I Believe I Can Fly") would be if Floppit's next clip was of him lip-synching to Kelly's magnum opus, "Trapped In The Closet."

But cats hate closets, right? And what about staging the gun scenes from the early chapters? Would, like, animal control get involved?? Or, maybe Floppit's next video should be a lip-synch to Kells' part in his Lady Gaga duet, "Do What U Want"?! YOU CAN BE MY PRESIDENT, FLOPPIT!!!!

IDK. Carry on as you were, Floppit, dropping your brand of internet kiki zen realness all day long. We will be here, waiting on your next track.

+ Watch Floppit the Cat lip-synch to R. Kelly's "I'm A Flirt (Remix)."

Photo credit: Floppit the Cat's Instagram