Watch Adam Lambert And Kelly Osbourne Lip-Synch Some Destiny's Child In The Back Seat

Watch this video of Adam Lambert and Kelly Osbourne singing Destiny's Child in the backseat!

Tell you what we think about this? WE LOVE IT.

Whenever we see our celebrity faves doing something normal person-y (playing dress-up with a kid sister, goofing off on Photo Booth, hitting up Taco Bell), our hearts explode in a shower of adorable little flakes! Take this video of Adam Lambert and Kelly Osbourne lip-synching along to Destiny's Child, for example. Actually, you can't. We're taking it. Forever. Bye!

Fine, we'll share. Anyway, how fun is this clip, which the "Lay Me Down" singer Instagrammed late Monday night? Here are two famous people jamming out to the Y2K classic, "Independent Women Part I," in the back seat of their car. Sure, they're being driven around because #StillFamous, but c'mon!

But, is there more to the story?

Adam did caption, "@kellyosbourne and I giving u backseat Destiny's Child Tea." And, unless Adam and Kelly actually meant to write "We love Snapple Iced Tea!" and experienced the autocorrect to end all autocorrects, then there's some truth being spilled. #oolong

Our guess? Kelly probably wants everyone to know that either she's having a BALL with her independent womanhood following her breakup with Matthew Mosshart over the weekend and/ or that her graffiti date with Justin Bieber was not a date-date.


+ Watch Adam Lambert and Kelly Osbourne lip-synch Destiny's Child in the back seat of a car.

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram