#tbt: Let's Look Back At How Miley And Christina Celebrated New Year's Eve 5 And 14 Years Ago!

Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus #TBT New Year's Eve photos.

It's #tbt time... New Year's Eve edition!

Miley Cyrus might've been the face of New Year's Eve this year by singing "Get It Right" and "Wrecking Ball" in Times Square (not to mention smooching "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" host Ryan Seacrest), but let's not forget that girl is nooooo stranger to performing on Dec. 31: Remember how she took the stage for MTV's New Year's Eve Special in 2008?

And how about Christina Aguilera?? SHE helped ring in the year 2000 at "MTV 2 Large" in MTV's Times Square studios! That's right: IT WAS THE YEAR 2000. @__@ (Where were you this year, huh, Christina?? Oh right... remixing Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want.")

Wait, hold up: You DON'T remember the year 2000? *Sighs* *Cries* *Fetal positions* *Recovers* OK, just check out the below pic of a very, very young Legendtina wearing a VERY 2000 tube top. See how no one has a phone out? THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S PRE-CAMERA PHONES. (Did I just blow your mind?)

Christina Aguilera performing for NYE 2000.

The sparkly tube top! The black-and-white patchy hair! The pleather pants! It IS the year 2000!

And Miley! Oh, Miley. Here she is performing at Arnold O. Beckman High School in the year 2008! Also, um, is that a pantsuit??? Wow. What a difference five years makes, huh??

Miley Cyrus performing for NYE in 2008.

Is it weird that we almost didn't recognize Miley?

Photo credit: Getty Images