Learn Every Sex-Crazed Seduction Technique In Ke$ha's 'Dirty Love' Video

Ke$ha's "Dirty Love" video

There's an ART to Ke$ha's seduction, people.

At this point in time, we've become well acquainted with Ke$ha's, erm, eccentricities. We've seen her twerk, we've seen her chomp down on a mighty beard, we've seen her sample her own urine on "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," and we've even seen her full bare butt (which really doesn't seem so shocking in the scheme of things). But now that we've seen her raunched-out "Dirty Love" video, we can certifiably say that we've seen THE MOST Ke$ha. And yes, her bare butt's back.

Directed by K-dolla herself (it's her directorial debut!), "Dirty Love" basically embodies everything we've grown to adore about the party-hardy singer. Filmed in a divey bar equipped with a ramshackle stage, Ke$ha and her Rainbow Trix yogurt hair give her audience one hell of a sexy striptease.

Yep, Ke$ha's nowhere near finished showing you her bare ass! Clad in hot pants, a ripped T-shirt, and later, a mesh see-through leotard (probs purchased from the nearest American Apparel), Ke$ha does a sex-riddled seductive dance, but is VERY clear about how she "doesn't want your money." Just for the record, she "wants your dirty love." Subtlety will get you everywhere, girl!

Anyway, we gotta give props where props are due -- with an ass-baring dance like Ke$ha's, we can only imagine how some o' that dirty love will be just within her reach! Wanna get down like Ke$ha? You're in luck! Here's every sex-crazed seduction technique in Ke$ha's raunch-tastic "Dirty Love" video. Watch and learn, folks:

1.) Two Words: Thigh. Highs.


2.) Unzip.

Ke$ha's "Dirty Love" video,

3.) Showing off your full, round butt never hurts!

Ke$ha's "dirty love" video.

4.) Dim the lights, get on all fours, and THRUST! (Repeat as necessary.)


5.) Swear up and down that you won't turn into a Stage 5 Clinger.

Ke$ha's "Dirty Love" video

6.) Rip open your shirt, expose your bosom.

Ke$ha's "Dirty Love" video

7.) Not sure dancing with bearded men in lingerie counts as a seduction technique, but, hey, whatever lights your candle!


8.) Sneer seductively in a see-through body suit. (But feel slightly perturbed at Ke$ha's mysteriously missing nipples.)

Ke$ha's "Dirty Love" video

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