Need Some 'Getting Ready' Inspo? Diddy Singing Drake's 'Worst Behavior' In The Shower May Help

Diddy in the shower.

He's just so fresh, so clean! (So fresh and so clean, clean!)

Happy almost New Year's Eve!! How are y'all getting ready tonight? Well, if you're anything like Diddy, then you're OBVIOUSLY gonna sing Drake’s "Worst Behavior" in the shower, admire your fine self in the mirror, then push a comb through your hurr. ’Cause that's what getting ready's all about!

And you know what? We should be THANKING Diddy! Before we saw this Instagram video, we had every intention of hopping in the shower tonight with an episode of "Gossip Girl" playing in the background, applying our makeup to an ep of "Golden Girls," then getting dressed to the tune of "Wannabe." But no more! We are SAVED from that pre-NYE humiliation! (I mean, only our cat judges us, but still.) We are gonna be on our Diddy GRIND TONIGHT!

+ Watch Diddy sing Drake's "Worst Behavior" in the shower

Photo credit: @iamdiddy