Rick Ross' Sensual Spin On Lady Gaga + R. Kelly's 'Do What U Want' Makes Us Want To Do Another Round Of Sex Push-Ups

Rick Ross "Do What U Want" remix

We didn't think "Do What U Want" could get any sexier. Then Rick Ross remixed it.

Ever since Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s sexified dancefloor jam "Do What U Want" came out, we felt positive that approximately 10,000 artists, producers, and rappers would immediately step up to the remix plate. I mean, who wouldn't want a chance to reinvigorate that song?

Well, it would seem that exactly one day after dropping his single "Devil Is A Lie" featuring Jay Z, Maybach Music head honcho Rick Ross has won this remix race with a new take on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP jam. Which reminds us: Sex push-ups, anyone??


Listen to Rick Ross' "Do What U Want" remix after the jump.

Produced by a DJ White Shadow, Rick Ross' "Do What U Want" opens with a new verse from Kellz plus a few words from the bawse himself. "Feel like a remix, yeah/ It must be the remix, yeah," croons R. Kelly, while Ross jumps in with a few choice phrases like, "She my work of art/ so I pin her to the wall." Oh, hey, I get it! *Clutches pearls* I declare, this DOES feel like a remix! (Yeah.)

Now, about those sex push-ups...


+ Listen to Rick Ross' "Do What U Want" remix.

Photo credit: Maybach Music/Interscope