Happy Christmas!! Let's Watch Saves The Day's Buzzworthy Live Acoustic Performance Of 'Remember'

saves_the_dayWatch Saves The Day perform "Remember" on Buzzworthy Live.

And on Christmas Day, God said... Well, I'm not entirely sure what he said, because frankly I'm Jewish and my enjoyment of Christmas has always been kinda peripheral. (NO! Don't feel sorry for me! Remember, I get eight craaazy nights!)

Anyway, I think God said something about relaxing, going to the movies, eating Chinese food, mooching cookies off of your Gentile friends, and watching Saves The Day perform an acoustic rendition of "Remember." WHAT?? That's totally what He said! (Well, He could have said it.)

Watch Saves The Day perform an acoustic rendition of "Remember" after the jump.

The first track on Saves The Day's 2013 self-titled disc (ahem, their EIGHTH studio album), "Remember" is a sweet, poignant song that could just as easily be about a past love as it could be about a current, long-standing one. Performing with his guitarist, Arun Bali, Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley dove straight into the bittersweet, sometimes minor-key melody. (Honestly, what is it about the minor key that makes us nose-dive into an ocean of #feels?)


Perhaps, like "Ring Pop," "Remember" is also about Chris' early, carefree days with his wife: "I remember doing nothing at all/ On the corner talking nowhere to go/ I remember when we used to say/ Blow it off let's stay here just for the day." Yeah -- forget responsibility! Let's go eat Chinese food at the movies! It being Christmas and all, we can't think of a better time to shuck off responsibility and "stay here just for the day."

+ Watch Saves The Day perform an acoustic rendition of "Remember," then re-watch Saves The Day perform "Ring Pop" and "Cars & Calories."



Photo credit: MTV, GIF: Jamspreader