Amazing Photos Of Beyonce Dancing & Winning At EVERYTHING At Her Album Release Party You Weren't Invited To

Beyonce celebrates her album release at Dave & Buster's.

This is what winning looks like, people. Literally.

Last night, Beyoncé, the reigning queen of iTunes and -- let's face it -- the entire music industry, celebrated her (surprise!) album release at New York City's Dave & Buster's. Now, I know what you're thinking: Dave & Buster's??? That's like the equivalent of taking Blue Ivy to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday! Why would you go to Dave & Buster's when you could, I dunno, do whatever it is really, really rich people do when they have something to celebrate?

But! Lest you forget, Beyoncé is the face of all things humble, kindhearted, and good, and she knows how to appreciate the simple, deep-fried things in life (like D&B's Poppin' Potatoes and Million Dollar Margaritas). So you can keep your judgmental thoughts to YOURSELF!


I'll see your PacMan and raise you a... whatever this game is.

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Perhaps another reason Bey selected good ol' D&B's is for its carnival-like, game-friendly atmosphere -- which would totally match her Coney Island-themed "XO" music video!

In addition to a guest list with hoards of famous people (think: Drake, Ty and Lorraine Schwartz, and models Danii Phae and Jessica White, among others), Bey's private album release party came packed with ALL the swag. Like, we're talking Beyoncé-themed cupcakes, cake, and beer cups, all kinds of games (Connect Four and skee-ball), and plenty of time to break it down on the dance floor. Behold:

Beyonce at her album release party.

Beyonce strikes a pose with model Jessica White.

Drake at Beyonce's album release party.

Drake showed up!


That cake tastes of success.


Beyoncé takes a selfie with model Danii Phae.





Beyonce album release party.

Beyoncé gets ALL THE CAKE.

Photo credit: Twitter, @danii_phae, @beyonce, @IamJessWhite, Vine: GITOO COOCHIE FRITOO