Anna Calvi Gets #Dark On Her Hauntingly Beautiful Cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Fire'

Anna Calvi covers Bruce Springsteen's "Fire."

Anna Calvi adds some fuel to The Boss' "Fire."

As we've heard on her 2011 eponymous debut album and this year's One Breath, guitarist and singer Anna Calvi is a ferociously talented singer-songwriter. (Hello, Mercury and Brit award nominations.) But as blistering and raw as Calvi can be (see: this live "Love Of My Life" performance), there's a quieter, more introspective side lurking underneath. On her new cover of Bruce Springsteen’s "Fire," Anna drags us down into the mire with her.

Listen to Anna Calvi's "Fire" cover after the jump.

"Fire" is the B-side to Anna's new single, "Suddenly," which is available for download now. Like Springsteen's original, Anna's cover is a slowly creeping, minimal track based around a single riff and a wounded vocal take. But instead of Springsteen's soft synths (hey, it was the '80s), Calvi uses her guitar to build the song to a cavalcade of boisterous string malevolence. The result makes for a darker-hued descent into love -- the sort of noir-romance that we've heard a lot of this past year, but never quite this foreboding.

+ Listen to Anna Calvi's "Fire" cover.

Photo credit: Domino Records