6 Moments We Love The Most From Beyonce's 'XO' Video

Watch Beyonce's "XO" video.

Beyonce makes the most of a warm summer night at Brooklyn's Coney Island.

Are y'all fully recovered from last week's Beyoncé Blackout of 2013? Like, that time when Queen Bey told the entire internet to "Bow Down" with an unannounced full-length "visual album" and 17 video clips?? Well, now that we've all had a chance to breathe deep and find our post-Beyoncé footing, now we can and should process her just-released video for the album's lead single, "XO," which is written by Ryan Tedder and produced by Hit-Boy.

In the Terry Richardson-directed clip, Beyoncé is having the best Coney Island visit EVAR. (Seriously, not a hypodermic needle in sight!) As she gallivants around Brooklyn, N.Y.'s seaside community with her stylist, Bey hits up the Cyclone (so THAT explains those roller coaster pics from earlier this year), hangs out with fans, and even dances atop one of those carnival skee-ball games.

Anyway, it's kinda hard to parse out everything we love about "XO." To sum up this charmingly DIY-style video in a mere few paragraphs would be blasphemous, so without any further ado, we're gonna list all the things we love most about Beyoncé's "XO" video! And... DANCE:

1.) Beyoncé plotting her destruction riding in a bumper car!

Beyonce's "XO" video

2.) Beyoncé looking flawless on the Cyclone... in a Biggie hat! (How'd that thing stay on, anyway?)

Beyonce's "XO" video

3.) Beyoncé celebrating summmer lurrrrve. ~Sighs~

Beyonce "XO" video

Watch Beyoncé's "XO" video after the jump.

4.) A BAT MADE OF MONEY?? (And Beyoncé's pink light-up headband FTW.)

Beyonce's "XO" video

5.) SKEE-BALL DANCING! (PS. I'm so doing this next summer. And NO ONE CAN STOP ME.)

Beyonce's "XO" video

6.) Cue: live performance shot. BEYONCE LUVS U, AND DON'T FORGET IT.

Beyonce's "XO" video

+ Watch Beyonce's "XO" video.

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