The Absolute Best Beyhive Reactions To Beyonce's Surprise Album

New Beyonce Album

Frankly, we're surprised the Internet survived last night.

Last night, Beyoncé took the entire internet / music industry by storm when she dropped an unexpected 14-track "visual album" on iTunes along with 17 new video clips. And if you think she sent all those industry people for a loop, can you even imagine what she did to her Beyhive??

Like, here we were, going about our Thursday night business, maybe watching some leftover episodes of "New Girl," and right before bed we find out that we gotta stay up all night to hear A BRAND-NEW BEYONCÉ ALBUM THAT WE DIDN'T EVEN THINK WAS COMING UNTIL 2015 (or some such far-off year). Seriously, who could've seen this coming? How do we react?? How do we go on LIVING??

Well, I'll tell you! First, we'll start by downloading the entire album on iTunes, then we'll breathe in its holy scent, listen to every song (which features guest spots from Frank Ocean, Drake, hubby Jay Z, and -- wait for it -- baby BLUE IVY), then we'll watch every new video clip, THEN we'll scroll through a bevy of Beyhive comments. Because we gotta know: HOW DO YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW, BEYHIVE?

When we asked MTV's Instagram followers about their Bey #feelings, @jamieleigh87 responded by saying she "downloaded [the album] at 3am." (Now that's dedication.)


Idolator's Sam Lansky kindly ate his words:


Some people felt the occasion called for their best lewk:

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Our own contributor Bradley Stern (aka MuuMuse) felt like "Beyoncé made pop exciting again."


Others used Bey's new album as an excuse to call in sick:


Some people felt Beyoncé had sneaky timing. (Not taking sides!)


And some said a silent prayer for all those video PAs...


And @Billboard pointed out that we should all #bowdown to Beyonce's soon-to-be RECORD album downloads. Uh, YUP.

Photo credit: Columbia