Karmin's 'I Want It All' Is The Epic Disco-Tinged Karmin Jam You Never Saw Coming

Karmin's "I Want It All" is the soulful Karmin jam of your dreams!

Listen to Karmin's all-disco-everything "I Want It All."

Don't get us wrong -- we love Karmin in all shapes and sizes. We adored the sugary sweet "Brokenhearted" and the fierce badassery of "Acappella." Now, Karmin's unleashed the disco-tinged "I Want It All" (the second single from their sophomore album, Pulses, dropping in 2014), and it sounds, well, different.

Listen to Karmin's "I Want It All" after the jump.

For one thing, "I Want It All" is an epic blend of all things disco, soul, and pop, finished off with just the right amount of Top 40 production. Which, needless to say, is a bit of a departure from the pop-meets-hip-hop sound we've heard from them in the past.

Rooted by a disco-infused track (think "Take Back The Night" mixed with DJ Cassidy, Jessie J, and Robin Thicke's ultra-'70s "Calling All Hearts"), "I Want It All" begins with a rousing chorus of  "da da da"'s in harmony before Amy Heidemann busts on to the scene to sing about, well, wanting! And taking! "Oh, I got the feeling deep inside/ Got the feeling I can't deny/ Got the feeling that makes me high/ Only thing is baby/ I want it all."

Anyway, to reiterate, we love Karmin no matter what. But at first glance, "I Want It All" sounds like they've finally achieved a real sonic balance. (Must be because they're engaged! Obviously.)

+ Listen to Karmin's "I Want It All."

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