Buzzworthy's Retro Pop Gift Guide: Find Vintage Bubblegum Gold For The 'TRL' Stan On Your List

Britney Spears, Aaliyah, Spice Girls, Beyonce, *NYSNC, Backstreets, and more! Find retro pop music gifts for the "TRL" stan on your list!

Know someone in "Total Request Live" withdrawal? Get 'em this throwback goodness.

So, Hanukkah ended last night. Did you totally nail the gift-giving game? Well, just in case you didn't follow our Ultimate Pop Music Gift Guide, giving a solidly last-minute "ummm... high five!" eight nights in a row, here's a top-40 swag roundup that'll guarantee you totally kill it come Christmas time.

Presenting MTV Buzzworthy's Retro Pop Stan Holiday Gift Guide, chock-full of the perfect presents for that "TRL"-obsessed friend on your list who thinks that 1997-2004 was perhaps the most flawless era that pop music -- nay, THE WORLD has ever witnessed. You know, that pal who still regularly prays at their D.I.Y. altars to the Backstreet Boys, Aaliyah, and *NSYNC when no one's looking? That buddy who still yearns for the days when a chunkier Carson Daly stanned for Papa Roach? (So, you know, ME.)

Well, this gift guide's totally got 'em covered with everything from vintage Ricky Martin tour t-shirts, Spice Girls-style white platform sneakers, Brandy's iconic Barbie doll, and a Missy Elliott coffee mug that says: "Open yo' mouth, give you a taste." Yep, A MISSY ELLIOT COFFEE MUG THAT SAYS: "OPEN YO' MOUTH, GIVE YOU A TASTE." Needs it!

Oh my god, and that's not even mentioning the Britney Spears gel pens and that ...Baby One More Time-era "Time Out With Britney Spears" DVD. It's funky. It's cool. It's email. It's EVERYTHING. Just like every item on this list.

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