Grouplove Face Tough Crowd After Tough Crowd In Their New 'Shark Attack' Video

Watch Grouplove's new video for "Shark Attack."

You guys ready to rock? Uh oh...

Grouplove's new video for "Shark Attack," the second single off their sophomore album, Spreading Rumours, is kinda like a "Would you rather?" question set to motion. In the Cameron Duddy-directed clip, that epic stumper is, "Would you rather perform some L.A. twee dance rock, uninvited, at a quinceañera thrown by the sternest father ever or at the heaviest, metal-est, heavy metal party of all time?" The answer: NOPE. NEITHER. BYE.

Watch Grouplove's "Shark Attack" video after the jump.

The follow-up video to June's "Ways To Go" sees the alt-rock quintet summoned to the stage of Steven the Magnificent, an unequivocally less-than-magnificent magician played by the Oscar-nominated John Hawkes of "Winter's Bone" and "Eastbound & Down" fame.

When he tries to make Grouplove subsequently disappear -- first to Mexico, then to Uganda -- he accidentally causes them to switch places with some resident tough customers -- first an ornery mariachi band, then a less than friendly Ugandan punk outfit. Unsurprisingly, neither group is all that fond of mediocre magic acts.

Much like the MTV Push alums' insanely successful "Tongues Tied" off of their debut effort, Never Trust A Happy Song, "Shark Attack" makes for an excellent addition to your "Walkin' down the street havin' a good time DGAF!!!!" playlist. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go walkin' down the street while havin' a good time because DGAF!!!!

+ Watch Grouplove's "Shark Attack" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Recording Corporation