10 Can't-Miss Moments From Bob Dylan's Interactive 'Like A Rolling Stone' Video

Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" interactive video.

Dude hasn't aged a bit.

We see a lot of cool things on the internet, but it's not often that a music video renders us completely speechless -- like, jaw-on-the-floor levels of OH MY GAHHHHH THIS IS BRILLIANT. That's what happened when we viewed a new, interactive video of Bob Dylan performing "Like A Rolling Stone."

Now, for the record, Dylan's famed Highway 61 Revisited track never actually got an official music video, what with it being from the year 1965 and all. But music fans of all ages will be glad to see that the 72-year-old folkie has teamed up with director Vania Heymann to put a new visual twist on the 48-year-old single.

Featuring everyone from "The Price Is Right" host Drew Carey to someone who looks suspiciously like Azealia Banks on "The Bachelor," Dylan's video actually comes in the form of a virtual television. No, like, literally a television. Flip through each channel, and you'll see news on the BBC, reality shows such as the aforementioned "Bachelor" and "Pawn Stars," a segment featuring comedian and podcast host Marc Maron, retro footage of Dylan performing his hit, rapper Danny Brown, and much more.

Even more impressive, as you flip through the channels, each character, no matter where you are in the lineup, lip-synchs the words to "Like A Rolling Stone."Because it's #interactive!

Now, Dylan's original track was all about exhaustion, the loss of innocence, and grappling with society's expectations, and "Rolling Stone"'s new visuals seem to agree; today's pop cultural burnout is brought to you by too much television. By mixing together everything from daytime TV to sports programming to the good ol' news and weather, Dylan blurs the lines between reality and surreality, and this interactive video somehow ends up commenting on both.

Now, let's review our favorite moments from Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" video!

1.) Danny Brown eating falafel, a corn dog, pizza, and sushi.


2.) "Girl Code" is on channel 130, and today, we're talking 'ginas.



3.) Marc Maron lectures a guest, who looks visibly nervous as Maron sings, "You're invisible now, you've got no secrets to conceal."


4.) How does it feel... to have won $25,000,000 in cash and prizes on "The Price Is Right" with Drew Carey? Come on down!


Check out more Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" moments after the jump.

5.) We like postmodern old-school Bob Dylan cameos.


6.) Bob Dylan on a kids' show = gruffest kids' show ever.


7.) Bob Dylan soundtracking a meet-cute on "Rom-Com Weekend."


8.) Get the... *Bob Dylan voice* neeeeewwws. 


9.) Or trade in your gear on "Pawn Stars."



10.) Or b*tch-fight over "The Bachelor"! (Whatever, we're not here to make friends.)





+ Watch Bob Dylan's interactive "Like A Rolling Stone" video.

Photo credit: Interlude