Cassie Sounds Like The Coolest Kid In Brooklyn In Her Laid-Back, Solange-Penned 'Indo'

Listen to "Indo," which appears on Solange's Saint Heron compilation.

Listen to Cassie's Solange-penned "Indo." It's going to make you feel VERY uncool.

Well, it's official: Cassie may in fact be the coolest artist on the block right now.

Need proof? In case you weren't convinced by that scene of her stuntin' in Wiz Khalifa's "Paradise" video, then how about that one time it literally rained couture bras in her "I Know What You Want" video?

Still not quite there? OK, just take one listen to Cassie's new effortlessly cool track, "Indo," which is featured on Solange's Saint Heron compilation, released today to celebrate the launch of her boutique label, Saint Records.

Listen to Cassie's "Indo" after the jump.

Written and produced by Solange, "Indo" is a sparse, ethereal, tinny, synth-laden record that strays pretty far from Cassie's trademark alt-R&B roots. Cassie's vocals are simple and unadorned, but are infused with just enough "all good" cool to remind you that this record has Solange written all over it.

Even the lyrics sound like a Solange-culled experiment in laid-back love: "Let me feel the love, you get to know me/ Figured that soul, I hold you only/ Take him in and chilling, we keep it rolling/ Let me get a hit of, you feeling on me."

We might even go as far as to say that "Indo" sounds like a record from your favorite Brooklyn band's favorite Brookyn band's new mixtape. In conclusion? Don't listen to "Indo" unless you're prepared to feel REALLY uncool. Like, "mom jeans" uncool.

+ Listen to Cassie's "Indo."

Photo credit: Saint Records