Chvrches Invoke 'A Clockwork Orange' Imagery In Their Dystopian 'Lies' Video

Watch Chvrches "Lies" video.

Chvrches explore dystopian themes in their new "Lies" video.

Perhaps it's just because of the Glasgow connection, but this new video from Chvrches has us thinking about the classic dystopian film and book "A Clockwork Orange." It doesn't hurt that the treatment for the Scottish synth-pop trio's "Lies" has a retro-futuristic story of brainwashing and media saturation at its heart.

Watch Chvrches' "Lies" video after the jump.

Directed by Sing J. Lee, "Lies" features heavily stylized images of foreboding, powerful, string-pulling men and hypnotically flickering television screens, while Lauren Mayberry sings: "I can sell you lies/ you can't get enough./ Make a true-believer of anyone."

As best we can gather, the video and the song are about how we willingly submit ourselves to the salesmanship of media and are lulled into a state of passive complacency. Not everyone submits so easily, however. Some of us, as the video shows, flee from the control.

Anyway, enjoy the music video, and be sure to check out Chvrches' debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe.

+ Watch Chvrches' "Lies" video.

Photo credit: Virgin