Video Premiere: Air Dubai Invade A Warehouse + Brood In The Dark In Their Moody 'Soul & Body' Clip

Watch Air Dubai's "Soul & Body" video.

Air Dubai perfect the long-lost art of brooding in the dark in their new video.

What's better than six handsome, talented musicians in well-fitted T-shirts? How about six handsome, talented musicians in well-fitted T-shirts getting all moody and #noir in an empty warehouse? Sounds pretty good, right? (Well, at least to those of us who have a weakness for brooding musicians in tight T-shirts.)

And that brings us to our favorite tight T-shirt wearers, Denver pop/hip-hop six-piece Air Dubai, who appear to have some major issues to work out in their dark and stormy "Soul & Body" video.

Watch Air Dubai's "Soul & Body" video after the jump.

The latest cut off their their Warning EP, "Soul & Body" sounds influenced by brooding hip-hop/R&B masters Miguel and Drake, but its video looks like something that came right out of The Weeknd's noir playbook (think: his "Live For" video).

In Air Dubai's "Soul & Body" clip, the band hangs in a dark, dank-looking, empty warehouse space with tons of room for feeling all the #feelings, #brooding, and generally looking 50 shades of #emo.

Later, interlaced between aqueous black-and-white fade-out shots of the guys slinking around said warehouse, the camera pans to a girl who is occasionally shot in color, but always looks sad, confused, and lonely. (Kind of how Avril Lavigne looked in her "Let Me Go" video, minus Chad Kroeger, that is.)

Now, do we know what Air Dubai is brooding about? Not entirely. Could be girl problems. In fact, judging by the track's lyrics ("I'll never fall in love, I'm too careful"), it's almost certainly girl problems. But throw six cute musicians in a smoky, sad warehouse, and you'll always have our full attention. Mainly because we wish we could be there to "comfort" them.

+ Watch Air Dubai's "Soul & Body" video.

Photo credit: Megan Thompson