Somehow, The Fact That Tokio Hotel Dressed Up As Jack Sparrow + Xerxes From '300' For Halloween Makes Perfect Sense (PHOTOS)

tokio hotel

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#RealTalk, y'all, we're pretty confused by Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel's decision to dress as an undead Captain Jack Sparrow from the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" franchise and Xerxes of 2007's "300."

Like, OBVIOUSLY the brothers look super babely in their fanciful getups, and we wanna grate a block o' sharp cheddar on Bill's washboard abs, like, YESTERDAY, but we're confused! Confounded! Nonplussed, even! (And yes, THAT IS THE CORRECT USAGE OF "NONPLUSSED.")

Check out more photos of Bill and Tom Kaulitz on Halloween after the jump.

tokio hotel

Please tell us that "Wind Beneath My Wings" is playing in the background.

As much as we lamented the onslaught of Miley Halloween costumes this year, at least all those people were year-appropriate. What great pop cultural touchstone has 2013 had thus far than Miley Cyrus' twerk nasty moves on the VMA stage? But, like, these 2000s-era blockbuster characters are too recent to be seen as iconic and too far-gone to be viewed as super relevant. Quite frankly, we didn't get it... at least not at first.

The more we thought about it, the more it all made sense! Perhaps, Bill and Ted Tom dressed up as characters from the aughts to give us a subtle nod to the fact that they haven't released a new album for us to obsess over since 2009's Humanoid? (Which reminds us, WE CAN HAZ ALBUM, PLZ?)

Or, maybe the guys behind "Automatic" just really effing love "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and "300," creating elaborate 'Ween costumes, and exposing their naked abs. Unsurprisingly, we're totally fine with that. Carry on.

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Photo credit: @tokiohotel, Tokio Hotel's Facebook