Remember When Tokio Hotel Discovered Halloween Candy In 2009? Bill Kaulitz Might Still Be Having Warhead Flashbacks (VIDEO)

Happy Halloween AND Throwback Thursday! You may have already gotten your "aws" out with that adorable photo of young Austin Mahone dressed as Woody from "Toy Story," but now it's time to get a little weird with German rockers Tokio Hotel.

Yep, we’re going to watch a very special #TBT video from Halloween 2009, when Tokio Hotel sampled a huge bag of classic American Halloween candy.

(Because, DUH, Halloween isn't a "thing" in Germany.)

Presented with an array of American delicacies (Warheads, M&M's, and various other sweets), the boys pointed out which candies they'd seen before. Naturally, the band was familiar with M&M's and the world-famous Kinder Surprise egg, but Warheads, chocolate cigarettes, and Pixy Stix? NOT SO MUCH. Oh, and don't give lead singer Bill Kaulitz a Warhead because, in his own words, "It's too sour!!!"

Anyway, please enjoy the above video, and don't forget to watch out for the part where Tokio Hotel ask if Pixy Stix are something you snort through your nose. Happy Halloween!


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