When You're Danity Kane, 'Working Out' Means Pink Boxing Gloves And A Stunning Rooftop View (PHOTOS)

Danity Kane enjoy a workout with a view, because that's just how they do it!

Danity Kane enjoy a workout with view. Because THEY'RE DANITY KANE, hello. 

ALERT! Danity Kane are in a fight!!! J/K, kids. Everybody stay calm, hydrate, and don't let these vaguely AGGRO photos of Danity wearing boxing gloves alarm you.

Now that they're in hardcore reunion mode (THANK GOD), Aubrey O'Day and her DK crew are hitting the gym with girly gloves, gyrating on boxing bags, and just generally looking gorgeous on a rooftop balcony. Because when you’re rich and famous, that’s how you get your sweat on. HELLO, keep up.

Check out more photos of Danity Kane "working out" after the jump.

Danity Kane bombshell Aubrey O'Day took to Instagram to share a few photos of her and her layDEEZ werqueing it out on a rooftop. Aubrey captioned: "Talk s*** and you'll get popped quick. @dawnrichard" followed by "Danity Kane Gone Wild. Thanks for the great workout@bethovan." I tell ya, these ladies are on to something! What good is getting in shape if you don't have a million-dollar view to distract from all that painful cardio?

Danity Kane boxing on a rooftop.


Aside from the obvious endorphin gain/calorie loss,we're betting that the girls are currently in major grind mode, prepping for their first performance since officially reuniting at the 2013 VMAs. Danity is set to perform alongside Chris Brown at 92.3 NOW's SCREAM! concert on Oct. 29, and, well, you probably shouldn't watch unless "you've got a first aid kid handy." (See what we just did?!)

Photo credit: Aubrey O'Day's Instagram