Watch Becky G Prep For Her 'MTV Artist To Watch' Tour + Refuel With Some Delicious-Looking Tomato Soup (VIDEO)

Watch Becky G prep for her upcoming "Artist To Watch" tour

Go behind the scenes with Becky G as she preps for MTV's "Artist To Watch" tour.

We've kept a close eye on pint-sized singer, rhyme-spitter, and CoverGirl cutie Becky G ever since she first burst onto the scene with last year's "Problem (The Monster Remix)."

Now, after collaborating with everyone from Cher Lloyd to J.Lo herself, Becky's launched into straight-up superstar status (they don't call her a COVERGIRL for nothin'!) and, along with headliner Austin Mahone, is prepping to perform on MTV's "Artist To Watch" tour.

And here's the best part: Becky's taking us behind the scenes of her "Artist To Watch" tour rehearsals! And, well, she's about to BRANGGGG it, if y'all know what I mean.

Watch Becky G prep for her "MTV Artist To Watch" tour after the jump.

In the oh-so-short behind-the-scenes sneak peek, Becky reveals that her live set will not only feature a ton of slick choreography, but there will be plenty of deuce-throwing, and, of course, general ractchet-ery. "I'm here at rehearsal, and we are getting ready for something awesome," whispers Becky before screaming: "I'M GOING ON TOUR WITH AUSTIN MAHONE!!! OOOH OOOOH!"

Later, in the last few seconds of her clip, Becky recovers from a long day of rehearsals by gulping down a cup of some delicious-looking tomato soup. Um, is it lunchtime yet? #JustLikeUs

Oh, and speaking of actually attending Becky's upcoming gig, here's a #protip: HURRY! You only have exactly 24 hours left to enter to win a trip to see her live in NYC! Big life mistake to miss out on this. Huge!

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Photo credit: MTV