Twenty One Pilots Get All Torn Up In Their Mumford-Tinged 'House Of Gold' Video

Watch Twenty One Pilots' "House Of Gold" video.

Twenty One Pilots let it all hang out in their "House Of Gold" video. (And by "it," we mean their entrails.)

We've seen Twenty One Pilots pull off some pretty impressive stunts, like their death-defying acrobatics at Hangout Fest earlier this summer, and their percussion-tastic performance at the mtvU Woodie Awards. But we've never seen anything quite like the stuff on display in their new video, "House Of Gold."

And as if the visuals weren't enough, the Columbus, Ohio, duo prove that they're adept at yet another style of music. It's almost not fair to everyone else out there obeying the proper genre boundary lines.

Watch Twenty One Pilots' "House Of Gold" video after the jump.

Seriously, dudes, save some musical influence for everyone else, will ya? As if the emo-rap of "Car Radio," synth-pop, indie, and piano-balladry (sometimes all in one song) weren't enough (not to mention the fashion consulting side gig), they had to go and write a lovely, neo-folk, Mumford-wave number in "House Of Gold."

The ukelele-driven video, the latest from their impressive full-length, VESSEL, finds Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun in an earnest, plaintive mood, with a bucolic farm as the setting. At least at first. Before long, their sick sense of humor comes to the foreground, as we realize that all's not as it seems on the peaceful farm.

As the strings swell and the kick drum comes in, things start to get really weird. Tyler and Josh aren't going to let a little something like a horrifying farm equipment accident get in the way of their musical pining, however, using everything on hand to finish the song, including a pretty ingenious solution to the problem of how to turn a truck into a percussion instrument. We've heard of long songs that rip you in half before, but we've never actually seen it literally. Now that takes talent.

+ Watch Twenty One Pilots' "House Of Gold" video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen