Paris Hilton Teases 'Good Time' Video, Is 'Bout That Diamond-Encrusted Swimsuit Lyfe

Watch the teaser video for Paris Hilton's "Good time" video.

Paris' teaser clip is basically how we imagine Ibiza to be 24/7.

Five days, you guys. There are only FIVE MORE DAYS until Paris Hilton changes the face of music forever-ever with her forthcoming single, "Good Time." IDK if you've been following the part-time Ibiza DJ, full-time fabulous heiress' Instagram account, but Paris' daily teases are killing us! (Not to mention the fact that it's been more than two years since we first heard the demo. This is literally the Sistine Chapel of pop music. WE ARE READY!)

That's why when we watched this 15-second video teaser featuring her new label Cash Money's CEO Birdman and none other than Lil Wayne, our eyes literally rolled back in our heads as we devolved into barely intelligible sanasas -- i.e., we are having a very good time.

Watch Paris Hilton's "Good Time" teaser video after the jump.

Here's what we get a glimpse of: HEAVEN. PARADISE. THE FACE OF GOD. For real though, Paris' promo nearly overwhelms the eye with scene after scene of robots (who are possibly men on stilts or possibly smaller robots on robot stilts?) spraying fog, a whole bunch o' bottle service, Weezy and Birdman, YMCMB-branded block-letter caps, and -- DUH -- DJ Mother Ibiza herself, looking as flawless as ever.

Compared with the iconic #SummaJam "Stars Are Blind" and its black-and-white video, "Good Time" looks to be a real "Welcome to Oz" moment; it's colorful, loud, and filled with tons of party-going people. There's truly no place like home in Paris' comeback clip -- or, at least the "home" on our #IBIZALYFE vision board.

+ Watch Paris Hilton's "Good Time" teaser video.

Photo credit: Cash Money