Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love + Anna Nicole Smith Channel 'Clueless' At The 2004 World Music Awards After-Party (PHOTOS)

Aren't Avril Lavigne, Anna Nicole Smith, and Courtney Love totally doing the "Rollin' With My Homies" move?

"Rollin' with the hooooooomies!"

For today's Throwback Thursday, we return to the fall of 2004. The aptly named Ugg boots were on the rise; Seth Cohen was still missing at sea, leaving the future of his and Summer's relationship uncertain on "The O.C."; and social media essentially boiled down to a bleak cocktail of Myspace and LiveJournal with a twist of Friendster when desperate.

But despite all of those troubling facts, nothing could get Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love, and Anna Nicole Smith (R.I.P.) down at the 2004 World Music Awards after-party in Las Vegas, Nev. As seen in the photo above, these #ladeeeez hit up the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to roll with their homies all Cher, Tai, and Elton-style. (Remember this scene with that Coolio song in "Clueless"? Or this one featuring Brittany Murphy solo rendition? Yeah.) And dammit, roll with their homies they did. #RealHeroes

Check out more photos of Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love, and Anna Nicole Smith's epic #tbt hangout after the jump.

Aw, Courtney Love is taking Avril Lavigne under her wing.

Aw, Courtney's taken Avril under her tattered, lacy, babydoll dress wing

But for real, LOOK HOW MUCH FUN Avril, Anna, and Courtney are having in these pictures! It's not surprising, considering that the "Rock N Roll" singer had just taken home the awards for World's Best Pop/ Rock Artist and World's Best-Selling Artist/ Canada. Plus, after glooming it up in abandoned South Williamsburg industrial lofts while wearing a black tutu for her then-new video, "My Happy Ending," Avril deserved a little mindless partying.

As for why the Hole frontwoman was letting loose? Ummmm, #LeaveCourtneyAlone! The "Violet" singer was still semi-fresh from recording her debut solo album, America's Sweetheart. All cooped up in that French chateau for months on end -- do you even know what that's like? DO YOU?!

Anna Nicole Smith might be rollin' with her homies a li'l too hard for Courtney Love and Avril Lavigne.

This is literally the greatest photo we've ever seen.

As for Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole? The celeb-reality TV pioneer-turned-TrimSpa spokeswoman might have been flapping her arms wildly in the air to smack that cig out of Avril's hand -- because, GIRL. Or, maybe she was debuting a snippet of a single that she'd secretly been working on. Perhaps the Bobby Trendy-produced "Like My Body (Want Some Money Remix)"?

If only we knew! We'd literally trade everything to sit at this #tbt table -- or at least to get Avril and Courtney to reshoot this photo with Ke$ha and her Trix Yogurt hair! Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to wistfully sing Katy Perry's acoustic version of "The One That Got Away" into a rain-soaked window until we can #deal. "In another liiiiiiiife..."

Photo credit: Getty Images