Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks Invite You To Bed With Them In Jason's 'Marry Me' Video

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks bring the cute in Jason's 'Marry Me' video.

Just a casual kiss between husband and wife. J/K! But not really.

Hopefully at this point you've been fully acquainted with Jason Derulo's Tattoos EP, which drops tomorrow. No? Well you SHOULD be, seeing as we already hooked you up with an early stream! OK, even if you haven't listened yet, you'll at least want to watch the video for "Marry Me," one of the EP's standout tracks. (...Otherwise known as that song about putting a ring on it with Jason's "The Other Side"-inspiration and actual girlfriend, Jordin Sparks).

Watch Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" video after the jump.

Starring none other than Jason's IRL lady love, "Marry Me" takes us behind the scenes of Jason and Jordin's everyday girlfriend-boyfriend interactions. And by "everyday interactions," we mean having absurdly toned bodies while rolling around semi-naked, making out in bed, and fulfilling every rom-com's quintessential "throwing flowers on my man as I bake him cookies" scene (you know the one).

We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention that all this flirting goes down while a shirtless Jason drinks Ciroc (#ProductPlacement) and Jordin -- also not fully dressed -- rocks an orange lace bra that we'd like to add to our "nighttime" drawer, IfYouKnowWhatIMean. Oh, and let's not forget the interspersed scenes of Jordin lounging atop a piano in a ballgown while Jason "dances" for her. Hashtag BARF. (Kidding, LOVE YOU GUYS.)

UMMMM, in conclusion, we're pretty sure that once this video shoot wrapped, Jason and Jordin either a) holed up in a swank hotel and re-enacted Jason's entire "Talk Dirty" record or b) hightailed it to Vegas to really put a ring on it. You know we're right.

Watch Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" video.

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