Video Premiere: Hawthorne Heights Fight The Power In Their 'Golden Parachutes' Video

Watch Hawthorne Heights' "Golden Parachutes" video.

Hawthorne Heights illustrate a post-apocalyptic tale in their "Golden Parachutes" video.

Hawthorne Heights' "Golden Parachutes" video opens with a lit match and a man hiding out from the world. When the band shows up, they're smudged and weary, playing punk rock on a post-apocalyptic stage. It's not the look of a group taking home a CEO's bailout money, but "Golden Parachutes" showcases a more metaphorical tale, following a crew of rebels raging against an industrial machine with the help of typewriters and underground tunnels. (Not to mention steampunk glasses!)

Watch Hawthorne Heights' "Golden Parachutes" video after the jump.

The video's the latest transmission from Zero, the concept album the band released in June. Dark though it may be, the song's shot through with light and the slowly simmering warmth of rebellion. Opening with a moody electric guitar riff, the track goes from minor-key to celebratory as the chorus calls for brighter days with chants of "Die for golden parachutes!" See? Dystopia kinda sounds fun!

The band takes over North America in October and November.

+ Watch Hawthorne Heights' "Golden Parachutes" video.

Photo credit: Jeff Chenault