Daft Punk Lay Down The Boogie With Pharrell And Nile Rodgers In Their Full-Length 'Lose Yourself To Dance' Video


Daft Punk throw a spaced-out dance party in their "Lose Yourself To Dance."

Electro French robot twins Daft Punk have been acting extra mysterious lately, what with their oh-so-brief appearance at the 2013 VMAs and their "Lose Yourself To Dance" mini-video (which we totally thought was the real thing. Thanks for explaining that, guys).

No harm done, though, as the band's second Random Access Memories single now has a full-length video (clocking in at just over four funky minutes), where Daft Punk performs at the most far-out party in the galaxy with -- who else? -- Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.

 Watch Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself To Dance" after the jump.

Despite the song's title, "Lose Yourself To Dance" isn't as easy to lose yourself in as "Get Lucky," but then again, not many songs this year -- or ever -- are. It's a mid-tempo disco-funk number that, like "Get Lucky," features an interplay between Pharrell's falsetto and the trademark pitch-shifted robo-vocoder.

The clip finds the foursome getting funky in some sort of space-age Soul Train planetarium set, wearing some brilliantly sparkling jackets, while a crowd of partiers boogie down. "Here, take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the sweat," Pharrell sings. Thanks for the offer, but it looks way too shiny to do the job. We'll just sweat it out down here on the dance floor with the rest of the mortals.

+ Watch Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself To Dance" video.

GIF: Charles Goetz