It's Raining Bras In Cassie's 'I Know What You Want' Video

Cassie is the epitome of understated cool in her "I Know What You Want" video.

Cassie has "effortless cool" down to a science in her "I Know What You Want" video.

We want to be Cassie when we grow up. Why? Well, aside from the obvious (bone structure/ability to pull off a half-shaved head, HELLO!), she's got the art of looking effortlessly cool down to a science in her "I Know What You Want" video (the latest cut off her RockaByeBaby mixtape).

Like, Cassie's brand of cool is so under-the-radar and sneaky, that by the time you realize what the hell just happened, you're already questioning everything from your skinny jeans (TOO tapered?) to your latest Instagram post (is a black-and-white filter too tacky?). WE KNOW NOTHING.

Watch Cassie's "I Know What You Want" video after the jump.

In the Christopher LaTouche and JayOhh-directed clip, Cassie spends most of her time in a grey-hued studio looking FIERCE, and rocking the most gravity-defying side boob we've ever seen. Like, it's remarkable. (As is that sudden downpour of colorful bras. WTF? And are those for sale?) The video also features some animated art by Eric-Shabazz Larkin (animated hearts and angel wings FTW), which adds an extra layer of texture to the otherwise simple clip.

Later, when Cassie's not wearing a cutout leotard and dancing with hot shirtless bros, the "Paradise" singer cruises down Rodeo Drive for some after-hours window shopping. Oh, and don't worry: Cassie doesn't forget to pour a little Ciroc -- aka her Bad Boy Records bossman Diddy's favorite bevvie -- on two shirtless men. OK, if that doesn't cement Cassie's hero status in your mind, then you might want to rethink some stuff. Like your life, for example.

+ Watch Cassie's "I Know What You Want" video.

Photo credit: Bad Boy Records