Jason Derulo's New Song, 'Marry Me,' Is Interesting Because LOOK AT JORDIN SPARKS' RING!

Jason Derulo may or may not have proposed to Jordin Sparks through song.

Jason Derulo MAY or may not be popping the question in "Marry Me."

I'm just gonna come out and say what y'all are probably thinking: Did Jason Derulo just LITERALLY PROPOSE to his girlfriend/IRL "It Girl," Jordin Sparks, via his new song, "Marry Me"? Like, did that actually just happen? And are we in a Danielle Steel novel right now?

Now, there may be no official word on whether or not Jason's "Marry Me" -- the second single off his forthcoming Tattoos, dropping Sept. 24 -- is a bona fide "proposal through song" thing, BUT after listening to other lovey-dovey tracks like "The Other Side" (which is rumored to be about Jordin), Jordin's "Skipping A Beat," and Jason's "Talk Dirty To Me," it's probably safe to say these two aren't afraid to communicate through melody. So, we ask again: Is it "Marry Me"? Or "Marry Me, JORDIN SPARKS"?


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Listen to Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" after the jump.

In his lush R&B power ballad, Jason makes a bold relationship statement: "We'll forever be in love, so there ain’t no need to rush/ But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough/ I'll say will you marry me?/ I swear that I will mean it." BIG WORDS, friends, big words. Big words that are hopefully followed by a BIG ROCK.

Anyway, now that we've heard Jason's marriage proposal, who here thinks Jordin will reply "YES, YES, 1,000 TIMES YES" via Instagram video? Kinda like that time she sang "Skipping A Beat" TO Jason and subsequently made us barf up rainbows? Maybe she could sing "Y-E-S" up G major scale, then Jason could pop out from behind a palm tree and start doing the Beyoncé/"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" dance! (You can fit all that into 10 seconds, right?) These are just some of our most Jason + Jordin fantasies. (We have too much free time.)

Jason Derulo may or may not have just proposed to Jordin Sparks in "Marry Me."

+ Listen to Jason Derulo's "Marry Me."

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