New Song: Fefe Dobson, 'Legacy'

Listen to Fefe Dobson's "Legacy."

Fefe Dobson's determined to leave a "Legacy" with her new track.

All right, everybody, you need to get on board with Fefe Dobson NOW if you're not already. (Hello, we've only been saying this for years!!!!) Lucky for you, here's another chance to get into the Canadian singer-songwriter thanks to "Legacy," Fefe's first single since 2011's "Can't Breathe." It's literally the perfect end-of-summer, wind-down anthem that would pair excellently with a road trip or even your average aimless driving. Note to self: GET A CAR.

Listen to Fefe Dobson's "Legacy" after the jump.

Some background: Dobson came close to breaking the surface a couple times in the last decade, basically every time her sound seemed to fall in line with whatever musical sensibility dominated the mainstream -- like that 2002-2004 wave of pop-punk princesses (Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson) and anti-bubblegum reactionary brunettes (Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton), or 2005-2007's alt-female artists like Santigold and M.I.A. But now that the musical pendulum's swinging in the direction of nihilistic, live-for-the-moment dance pop (Ke$ha's "Die Young," Icona Pop's "I Love It" featuring Charli XCX), it looks like Fefe's "Legacy" may just end up leaving exactly that.

"If I die tonight, at least I left a legacy/ If the lights go out I'm forever in your memory," Fefe chants over the song's pounding drums and pulsing beat. Y'know, sometimes we really wish we didn't live in New York, because we would be shouting this outta the car on repeat the entire way home tonight. (Guess singing obnoxiously on the subway will just have to do!) Also, does "Legacy"'s opening kinda reminds anyone else of Icona Pop's "All Night"?? Anyone wanna send us a mash-up? NO, WAIT, better yet, AN ACTUAL COLLAB (assuming Icona Pop and/or Fefe are actually reading this)?!?! Just throwing it out there!

+ Listen to Fefe Dobson's "Legacy."

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