Watch Tegan And Sara Perform 'Same Love' With Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (VIDEO)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis call on Tegan & Sara for an assist on "Same Love."

Tegan and Sara join Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for a "Same Love" duet.

One thing's for sure: Macklemore has way more famous people in his iPhone contacts list than you do. In recent weeks, we've spotted the "Can't Hold Us" rapper bromancing it up with "Take Back The Night" singer and fellow six-time 2013 VMA nominee Justin Timberlake and "Picasso Baby" visionary Jay Z. And now, just this past weekend, Mack invited his close pals Tegan and Sara to share the stage for a duet of his pro-tolerance smash, "Same Love," at Montreal's Osheaga Festival.

Watch Tegan And Sara perform "Same Love" with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis after the jump.

As openly out musicians, sisters Tegan and Sara have consistently been outspoken regarding all LGBT issues, including marriage equality. That in mind, "Same Love," a song that preaches equality for all, seems like the perfect vehicle for the four musicians to share the stage. As Macklemore spit his bold verses, Tegan And Sara took turns singing the record's haunting hook. Then everyone hugged and the whole room filled with happy thoughts of love and equality for all! And sunshine and maybe donuts. But no, really, we can't believe it took this long for Tegan and Sara to join Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on stage. Could this mean a future in-studio collaboration?? Just putting it out there...

+ Watch Tegan And Sara perform "Same Love" with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

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