New Video: 78Violet, 'Hothouse'

Watch 78Violet's "Hothouse" video.

78Violet get back to nature in their "Hothouse" video.

If Los Angeles pop-rock duo 78Violet look familiar to you, it might be because (1) they used to be called AJ & Aly, and (2) sisters Aly and AJ Michalka have popped up all over the big and small screen as actresses (remember Aly as Emma Stone's best friend, Rihannon, in "Easy A"?). Now, a whopping six years after releasing their last LP, Insomniac, Aly and AJ are prepping a brand-new disc and have just released an aesthetically stunning new video, "Hothouse."

Watch 78Violet's "Hothouse" video after the jump.

Kicking off with a pastoral montage of the girls frolicking through dreamy landscapes, greenhouses, and meadows we thought only existed in "What Dreams May Come," "Hothouse" is spliced into two parts: The first is accompanied only by empowering spoken-word lyrics ("My momma always said, 'You get out when you can.' I have my sister. I can do without you"), and the next features Aly and AJ's lushly harmonized folk-pop track.

But it doesn't matter if they're speak-singing or sing-singing -- the best part of "Hothouse" is how unspeakably gorgeous Aly and AJ look. And they know it, too. True, they might be hate-singing about some no-good scrub who wasn't good enough for them ("You're a hothouse flower/ Something I cannot handle/ You can't handle you"), but "Hothouse" essentially plays out like an aesthetic avalanche of "Aly & AJ shop at Free People" or "Aly & AJ really, REALLY know how to seduce the camera with their eyes, braid their hair, apply lip gloss, and generally look like Stevie Nicks." Seriously, if the song weren't so good, we'd be consumed with hair/lip plumping/I-want-a-stunning-sister jealousy. (Sorry to our IRL sister -- you're amazing. But learn how to play the guitar so we can Heidi-braid our hair and have more excuses to visit the Free People store, OK?)

+ Watch 78Violet's "Hothouse" video.

Photo credit: Stephen Ringer