New Video: Sleeping With Sirens Featuring MGK, 'Alone'

Watch Sleeping With Sirens' "Alone" video featuring MGK.

Sleeping With Sirens and MGK get lost on an island in their "Alone" video.

We don't often go "WUUUT!?" when listening to music, but today is not one of those days. Because, despite our major fandom, we kinda had that feeling after hearing Sleeping With Sirens' "Alone," which sounds like it was engineered in the lab of some sort of evil scientist hell bent on world destruction. The Orlando scene-core act also take that evil scientist / world destruction concept literally in their "Alone" video, which depicts the five-piece trapped in a scary-looking sci-fi predicament with hip-hop mainstay MGK. Will they make it out alive? Will the power of rock and roll save us all? And WTF is MGK doing here? We'll have to watch to find out!

Watch Sleeping With Sirens featuring MGK's "Alone" video after the jump.

"Alone" comes from the band's just-released Rise Records album, Feel, which debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes charts. It's a characteristic rush of scorching melodrama, synths, and softened verses that erupt into screams from Kellin Quinn, he of the high-pitched helium-core vocals.

Quinn actually has something to scream about in the video, aside from, you know, the stuff about not wanting to die alone. He and the rest of the band are trapped inside some sort of observation pods, while disinterested researchers manipulate their vital signs on computers and teleport them to various desolate locations. The setting actually reminds us A LOT of the underwater hatch from "Lost," not to mention that whole being stuck on an island thing. (R.I.P. Charlie.) And, in keeping with the completely bizarre, anything-can-happen nature of this island drama, MGK shows up out of nowhere to lay down an aggressive verse about his broken heart. (We're just bummed that Drive Shaft wasn't available for a cameo.)

+ Watch Sleeping With Sirens featuring MGK's "Alone" video.

Photo credit: Rise Records