Hanson Will Perform Live At The O Music Awards' Live Music Day, Starting June 19 At 7 p.m. ET!

Watch Hanson perform at the O Music Awards Festival!

Hanson will perform at the O Music Awards' Live Music Day!

OK, everyone, it's time to sit the $#*@ down because we've got some NEWZ. Like, HANSON-related news. Like, "MMMBop"/"I Will Come To You"-Hanson news. OK, enough messing around because HANSON IS PLAYING AT THE O MUSIC AWARDS' LIVE MUSIC DAY! Did you get that? We said: HANSON IS PERFORMING AT THE O MUSIC AWARDS' LIVE MUSIC DAY!

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What's the O Music Awards, you ask? And what's this Live Music Day you speak of? Well, the O Music Awards Live Music Day Festival, starting June 19 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, will last for 24 hours -- 24 HOURS OF LIVE MUSIC -- and will feature more than 50 bands, including HANSON, MTV Artist To Watch Atlas Genius, who we’ve basically been stalking but don't tell them so they don’t get worried, and acts like 2 AM Club, Kate Nash, Kat Dahlia, Asher Monroe, Ashley Monroe (can they do a duet?), The Features, and more. It's like a mixtape brought to life!

And since the O Music Awards are also, well, an award show (including categories such as "Digital Genius," "Fan Army FTW," and "Best Web-Born Artist"), make sure to cast your vote for your favorite nominees at OMusicAwards.com, and remember to watch The O Music Awards when they launch on June 19 at 7 p.m. ET!

Photo credit: MTV