New Video: Lawson Featuring B.o.B, 'Brokenhearted'

Lawson go through the stages of a breakup in their "Brokenhearted" video.

Lawson go through the stages of a breakup in their "Brokenhearted" video.

If you were wondering, the answer is yes: We are definitely still crushing on Lawson! Why? Well, they're criminally attractive AND British, so honestly it's not even really necessary to continue with this post, right? Hot, British, bye! That said, the sexy lads from across the pond also happen to be very talented musicians (check their "Buzzworthy Live" performance of "Standing In The Dark"), who have just released their brand-new "Brokenhearted" video featuring Georgia hip-hop player B.o.B.

Watch Lawson featuring B.o.B's "Brokenhearted" video after the jump

Slated as the first single from their not-yet-titled sophomore LP, "Brokenhearted" follows the story of -- you guessed it -- a breakup. In the Declan Whitebloom-directed clip, a gorgeous girl has to watch her split with Lawson lead singer Andy Brown through a tabloid lens, and as you might expect, it's pretty much the pits. (Meanwhile, we're kinda like, bb! You've got a perfectly proportioned face and your arms are super-toned! Things ain't so bad!)

B.o.B pops up next with an energetic, sunshiny verse, and what used to be a heartbroken cry-fest turns into a rooftop rager. Only problem is, Andy Brown's ex is out for a night out on the town, and little does she know that the party she's attending features Lawson as the musical guest. It's basically every broken up couple's worst nightmare, and it kind of makes us glad we're not dating anyone at the moment. KIND OF.

+ Watch Lawson featuring B.o.B's "Brokenhearted" video.

Photo credit: Polydor