Air Dubai Discuss Their Genreless Sound And Leather Pants (VIDEO)

Air Dubai interview with MTV Buzzworthy.

The mysterious Air Dubai: too cool for genres but not for leather pants in Texas.

Air Dubai's sound is as mysterious and varied as its six band members, each of whom look like they stepped out of six different musical acts to create airy, chilling hip-hop-infused electro-pop that's as suspicious as it is sexy and soulful. Ratking, Walk The Moon, Vampire Weekend and/or One Direction, are you missing anyone? And then there's that cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic" that sounds like The Weeknd spent the weekend with Boyz II Men (pre-The Package). Just go with it. I promise it'll all somehow make sense.

Songs like "Soul & Body" and "Warning" have played on a continuous loop in my mind since I first heard them at the beginning of the year (I don't even have to physically play their songs on my iPod since they're firmly lodged in my brain, note for note, word for word), and when I got the chance to sit down with the band this past March at the Woodie Awards in Austin (it was brutally hot, even by Texas standards, but that didn't stop Julian Thomas from making a pair of leather pants look both cool and like a good idea), my Air Dubai obsession took flight (har) and manifested itself in a blatant gush-fest dork-out. Yo, I never said I was cool.

+ Watch Air Dubai discuss their sound, supermarkets and leather pants, and watch their "Warning" video after the jump.

The Denver-based band's been on their grind for years, but they signed to Hopeless Records in late 2012, and this week they released their BWarning EP, which feels like it has spent some time rattling around Kanye's dark twisted fantasy and mingling with the likes of Miguel and Frank Ocean. The guys themselves admitted they prefer to embrace their genreless-ness, which is fine with me -- Air Dubai's so good that they don't even need one.

+ Watch Air Dubai discuss their sound, supermarkets and leather pants, and watch their "Warning" video:

Photo credit: Hopeless Records