Tokio Hotel Remind Us They're Super Photogenic In A New Photo & Remind Us That Bill Rules At Ping-Pong In A New Video

Tokio Hotel

Aw, it's a picture-perfect family photo of Tokio Hotel!

We have some Tokio Hotel-related things to discuss with you today. First, please direct your eyes to the above photo. No, really, just sit back and soak it in! Because if that's not the most perfect, frame-worthy Kodak moment that captures the essences of our German idols, then you're just doing it all wrong and you always have been. The gentle lean against the wall, the pensive stare... it's BEAUTIFUL. (And it's also going up on our fridge next to this photo of Justin and Selena.)

Find out what's going on with Tokio Hotel after the jump.

In other crucial news, the Tokio Gods have also unleashed a charming Facebook video of lead singer Bill Kaulitz SLAYING the ping-pong game dead! Because who knew German rockers had such a flair for table tennis?! It's kind of shocking, but it oddly makes sense. German = bleach blond mane = obvious hand-eye coordination, right?

Oh, and one last thing. In case you're not full up on your Tokio Hotel details, a few days ago the bros posted a cryptic Twitter photo along with the caption "Closer #BTK #Aliens." Naturally we're not entirely sure what that means -- we do know BTK is the name of Tokio Hotel's app, but what the eff is going down on June 20? Are they releasing a new version of their app? Or are they referring to a new album release??? PLEASE?? Because, like we've been praying for a new Tokio Hotel album since the end of last year. Actually, Tom, less leaning. Bill and Gustav, less sitting. GO FINISH THAT ALBUM.

+ Watch Bill from Tokio Hotel play a mean game of ping-pong

Photo credit: @tokiohotel